Venue Cologne

Sancta Clara-Cellar
Am Römerturm 3
50667 Köln




•  DuMont Carré, Neven-DuMont-Straße 80, 50667 Cologne
•  Magnusstr./Alte Wallgasse 31, 50672 Cologne
•  Pullman Cologne Hotel, Helenenstraße 14, 50667 Cologne
•  Kolping Hotel International, St. Apern-Str. 32, 50667 Cologne
•  Bazar de Cologne, Große Brinkgasse 5, 50672 Cologne
•  Conti parking garage, Alte Wallgasse 31, 50676 Cologne

Parking lot of the regional council, Zeughausstr. 2 - 4, 50670 Cologne


Sybil und Kaspar Kraemer

Welcome to the Sancta Clara-Cellar

The Sancta Clara-Cellar has become an important public venue for chamber music. While students from the Cologne University of Music and Dance, students of the Rheinische Musikschule or individual chamber music ensembles had gathered in this cellar-vault for rehearsals, recordings and workshops, resulting in small private house concerts for some time now, we decided a while ago to make this unique space accessible to a larger circle of friends of chamber music. Upon the closure of the previous venue for KammerMusikKöln, the Maison Belge, in 2015 we were delighted to provide the KammerMusikKöln society with the possibility of moving to the Sancta Clara-Cellar.

What began as a provisorium, an underground medieval cellar vault - the last architectural remnant of the Sancta Clara convent consecrated in 1306 - without stage platform, let alone stage technology, has become a chamber music hall, which has established itself as the permanent venue of KammerMusikKöln.

Although some things do not meet the requirements of a modern concert hall, the acoustics and the special atmosphere of silence make up for this and make listening to music - as we ourselves can experience again and again - a wonderful experience.

We look forward to the new concert season with the Ensemble of KammerMusikKöln and the associated, very personal encounters with the musicians and many friends of chamber music.

Sybil und Kaspar Kraemer